Training course for executives: Innovation in cooperatives and social enterprises (II edition)

This program was a first in Italy, created in partnership between the two main research centres on cooperation and the non-profit sector, AICCON from Forlì and Euricse. The first edition took place between December 2010 and April 2011, and its main objective was to develop an operative and perspective framework for the development of innovative strategies for cooperative and social enterprises. The course was structured in five consecutive ‘stops’, with the objective of developing innovative teaching contexts centred on the active input of the participants and on their capacity to constructively analyze their own operational reality. The course merged theory with the practical application of analytical skills by looking at successful case studies. In this first year of the course there were 31 participants, coming from about 15 different cooperatives and consortia located in various areas of Northern-Central Italy. 
Considering the success of this cours, and in order to meet the training needs of managers and executives of cooperative and social enterprises,  Euricse and AICCON launched the II edition of the cours which will start in February 2012.
Registration deadline: 31 January 2012
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