Cooperative finance and sustainable development

 The main goal of this research project is to provide an advanced theoretical framework that connects local finance, and more particularly cooperative finance, to sustainable local development. The project is divided into two sub-projects. The first aims, on the one hand, at understanding the historical significance and potential impact of cooperative credit on local development; on the other, at evaluating organizational, governance and values development as compared to its economic and financial progression in the world. The main focus is on the ability of cooperative forms to produce local public goods and identify investment opportunities in microfinance projects in support of local communities.

The aim of the second sub-project is to analyze the role of cooperative banking institutions in addressing the financial needs of social enterprises. It will be developed in 3 countries (Italy, the Netherlands and Spain) through a collection of case studies.


Coordinator: Silvio Goglio, University of Trento

Researchers: 4 experienced and 1 early stage

Partner: University of Athens (Greece), University of Vaasa (Finland)





Goglio, S., Alexopoulos, Y., eds, 2012, Financial cooperatives and local development, Routledge.


+ 3 international conferences on cooperative finance organized in Trento in 2009, 2010 and 2011;

Articles and papers

+ 4 conference papers;

+ 3 working papers;

+ 1 article published in the Journal of Rural Cooperation.