Allora Crealo! (Jobs? Create them!)

12 February 2015

Euricse is organizing the 3rd edition of Allora Crealo! The event, which will take place during the Festival of Economics, will be held in Trento’s Piazza Fiera from May 29 to June 2.

Dedicated to young people with ideas they want to turn into enterprises, it will offer  a space where experiences of youth entrepreneurship and tools to help its development will be presented. Debates, meetings and talks will take place in an informal, dynamic and interactive space.

Didascalia immagine

Allora Crealo! has been conceived as a place for discussion and exchanging ideas, approaches and best practices. The program wants to present an updated overview of the nature, impact and potential of the new generation of entrepreneurs, taking successful examples as a starting point.

Allora Crealo! will be both a physical and a virtual space on the web, which can be followed every day on Facebook and Twitter (#alloracrealo).