Maurizio Carpita

Carpita FOTO

Maurizio Carpita received his M.S. degree in Political Economics at the University of Trento in 1988 and his PhD degree in Methodological Statistics at this University in 1993. From 2005 is Full Professor in Statistics at the University of Brescia. At present he is a member of the Teachers Committee of the PhD in “Analytics for Economics and Business” at the University of Bergamo. His studies are about the measurement of subjective work quality and the socio-economic impact of cooperatives, nonprofit organizations and social enterprises; statistical methods for evaluating efficiency and effectiveness of the welfare services, the university education system in Italy and the modern statistical techniques for the web data analysis (Data Analytics).

He is Scientific Director of the Research Center DMS StatLab “Data Methods and Systems” of the University of Brescia and member of the scientific committee of the research center SOCIALIS in  Brescia. He is member of the Permanent Group of the Italian Statistical Society “Statistics for the evaluation and the quality of services” and fellow of the Association for applied statistics. From 2010 to 2014 he has been member of the Steering Committee of the “Italian Statistical Society” and from 2012 he is member of the evaluation unit of the University of Brescia.