Call for papers | ICA 2016 International research conference [new deadline]

13 November 2015

Understanding and managing co-operative creation, transition and transformation

Almeria, Spain 24-27 May, 2016

The International Co-operative Alliance Committee on Co-operative Research international research conference will take place in Almería, Spain from May 24 to May 27.  The University of Almeria (UAL) and the UAL-Coexphal Chair  will host the conference and are now calling fop papers.
Researchers, policy makers, practitioners and students of co-operatives, social enterprise and social economy from all countries are welcome to participate and submit their abstract.
ica20162The purpose of the conference is to explore and ensure an understanding of the various stages of co-operative creation, transition and transformation and to discuss the strategies co-operatives, co-operative institutions and policy makers may take to adequately manage such change and stages of development.

Co-operatives are operating within tremendously volatile environments and must be agile, flexible and adept in meeting the needs of their members and communities. Co-operatives are exploring diverse strategies and a wide range of co-operative types and models in various stages of development and sophistication exist in both traditional and emerging fields. Definitions are blurring, based on the contexts in which co-operatives operate or have been created. A growing number of businesses are transitioning from investor owned enterprises to employee/worker owned co-operatives. Hybrid forms are springing up which are mixed with social enterprise or investor-oriented characteristics, as well as other community-oriented cultural practices.
At the same time, the co-operative organisational form is experiencing a renaissance or regeneration given the fact that other business models have not performed well, in general, in meeting the economic, social and environmental needs of a wide range of people across the globe.

This conference will take a different approach to organising research presented in parallel sessions (which are in addition to keynote and round-table speakers). The topics of interest taken into account are intended to be interpreted widely and creatively.
One of the aim of the confererence is to facilitate out-of-the-ordinary interactions and synergies and provide new and useful evidence and perspectives for co-operative scholars, policy makers and practitioners of all disciplines and areas of engagement.

The list of the topics can be found in the call for paper and a more detalied description of themes and topics is available on the conference website.

The deadline for the abstract submission for papers, posters and proposed sessions is on the 8th February 2016.

Download the second call for papers.

On the conference website you can find more information.