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WP 108 | 19 La cooperazione come strumento di emancipazione delle classi lavoratrici nel pensiero degli economisti inglesi del XIX secolo

Il tema della cooperazione fu largamente discusso fra gli economisti del XIX secolo. La ricostruzione di questo dibattito è complessa perché lo stesso concetto di cooperazione subì profonde modificazioni. Inizialmente la parola “cooperazione” fu usata come contrario di “concorrenza”, ritenuta dai socialisti utopisti la causa della povertà dei lavoratori. La… Read More

Cooperative Enterprises in Australia and Italy

Edited by: Anthony Jensen, Greg Patmore, Ermanno C. Tortia This book arises from a three-year comparative research program concerning co-operative enterprises in Australia and Italy. The book explores the historical development, legal framework and the peak organisations of co-operatives in the two countries. Specific comparative chapters focus on consumer, credit,… Read More

WP 79|15 L’Efficacia Operativa delle Fondazioni di Origine Bancaria Italiane: Un’Analisi Empirica

Partendo dalla missione delle fondazioni di origine bancaria (FOB), frutto delle privatizzazioni delle banche pubbliche italiane avviate nel 1990, si valuta la qualità dell’operato di tali enti, applicando un modello d’analisi che ne considera attività filantropica, attività d’investimento delle risorse derivanti dalla dismissione totale o parziale delle partecipazioni nelle ex banche pubbliche (banche conferitarie), governance e trasparenza. Read More

WP 74|14 Social Enterprise in Ireland: The Camara Education Experience

The concept “social enterprise”, despite being widespread, is still of difficult interpretation. What is certain is that social enterprises bring great benefits to different communities or groups of disadvantaged people by managing economic activities. This paper analyzes the situation of social enterprises in Ireland, being Ireland an example of a country in which social enterprises still do not have a nationally accepted and agreed definition. Read More

Promoting the understanding of cooperatives for a better world

This report summarizes the main findings of the conference ‘Promoting the Understanding of Cooperatives for a Better World’, which was co-organized by Euricse and the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) on 15 and 16 March 2012 in Venice, Italy. The report draws mainly, but not exclusively, on the papers and presentations delivered by the invited speakers. Read More

WP 72|14 Groups and Trust: Experimental Evidence on the Olson and Putnam Hypotheses

Mancur Olson and Robert Putnam provide two conflicting views on the effect of involvement with voluntary associations on their members. Putnam argues that associations instill in their members habits of cooperation, solidarity and public spiritedness. Olson emphasizes the tendency of groups to pursue private interests and lobby for preferential policies. We carry out the first field experiment involving a sample of members of different association types from different age groups and education levels, as well as a demographically comparable sample of non-members. This enables us to examine the different patterns of behaviour followed by members of Putnam-type and Olson-type associations. Read More

WP 70|14 Pricing and Price Regulation in a Customer-Owned Monopoly

In the first part of the paper we study the pricing policies of a customer-owned firm in the absence of external regulation. The profit-sharing rule is a key element of the price choice and our analysis focuses on the two most common ones, uniform and proportional. The main result is that the self-discipline effect generally ensures the dominance of customer-ownership over investor-ownership in welfare terms, though under neither rule it is enough to attain the first-best in equilibrium. Read More