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Identifying Processes and Policies Conducive to Cooperative Development in Africa

An exploratory study on cooperative development projects in the agricultural sector The research is focused on cooperative development programs conducted in the agrarian sector of African countries by cooperative enterprises, as well as by cooperative development organizations (CDOs) linked to the North American and European cooperative movements. The research report… Read More

WP 73 |14 De la Economía Popular a la Economía Social y Solidaria: el Caso de los Recicladores de Base en Santiago de Chile

Las organizaciones de recicladores de base han sido analizadas en varios contextos como una salida a la informalidad y un antídoto a la pobreza de los que trabajan en este sector. El análisis presentado en este artículo está enfocado en dos estudios de caso en el área metropolitana de Santiago de Chile, donde se han analizado dos comunas en las que trabajan algunas organizaciones de recicladores. Read More

WP 52|13 Collective institutions towards habitability: roles, strategies and forms of governance

The goal of this paper is to apply the theory of commons to residential contexts and verify if and how collective institutions can be used to produce habitability, i.e. a set of particular socio-environmental conditions conducive to inhabiting a particular area. While most literature on the study of the commons has a specific focus on the management of natural resources, this paper argues that collective institutions can work also in urban contexts. Read More

WP 46|13 Cooperative’s concern for the community: from members towards local communities’ interest

This paper discusses the relationship between co-operatives and their communities, one of the standard ways in which the “co-operative difference” is explained. What are the origins of this special relationship? Why and how did it receive so much attention during the 1990s, when the international co-operative movement undertook a large and sustained effort to articulate its basic values and principles? How does the theme of “community responsibility” relate to underlying notions of membership? What kinds of issues are raised when co-operatives seek to address community issues? Read More