Cooperation in Italy – 1st Euricse Report

Research areas: Measurement and Impact, Misurazione e Impatto
Publication categories: Reports, Coops in Italy
Tags: cooperatives, employment, statistics, resilience, Coops in Italy, cooperative, rapporto Italia

This research project stems from the realization that in Italy there is a dearth of official statistical information on the cooperative sector, in spite of the important role that this sector plays for the national economy. Above all, there is a lack of research that describes the cooperative sector from the point of view of its specificities, enabling a first estimate of the relevance of this sector in the Italian economy, and its capacity to create wealth, employment, gross domestic product, development, and social wellbeing.

Euricse’s research aims precisely at uncovering these issues in order to improve our knowledge of the Italian cooperative sector in terms of its size and its recent evolution, as well as to enable a comparison between cooperative enterprise theory and reality.