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New strategies for Co-operatives

The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) 2016 international research conference “New strategies for Co-operatives: Understanding and Managing Co-operative Creation” will be held from the 24th to the 27th of May in the Palacio del Congresos en El Toyo, Almeria, Spain.Euricse contributed to the scientific planning of the event and eight researchers will attend the conference. Giulia Galera, Jacopo Sforzi, Carlo Borzaga, Chiara Carini, Michela Giovannini, Silvia Sacchetti, Eddi Fontanari and Yiorgos Alexopoulos will present their research with nine papers during five different sessions. Moreover, Giulia Galera and Jacopo Sforzi will coordinate a special session dedicated to “The role of Cooperatives in promoting the interest of the community”  (Wednesday the 25th of May, 11:15-13:00), while another session coordinated by Giulia Galera will be dedicated to the European project INT.RE.COOP (Friday the 27th of May, 9:00-10:30). Read More

7th International workshop on cooperative finance and sustainable development

The 7th Euricse Workshop on Cooperative Finance and Sustainable Development, organized in collaboration with Federcasse (Italian Federation of Cooperative Credit Banks) and with the support of EACB (European Association of Co-operative Banks), has taken place in Trento, Italy on June 16th and 17th, 2016, at the Faculty of Economics. Workshop Programme Read More

World Co-operative Monitor data to be presented at Expo 2015 ICA conference

As the theme of Expo 2015 - “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” suggests, much attention is being paid to agricultural practices and food systems, but how well do we understand the impact and role cooperatives play in ensuring high quality products, decent wages, and sustainable development? Despite the large share of agricultural production around the world organized in the cooperative form, data on this type of enterprise is still scarce. Read More

Euricse at the 5th EMES International research conference on Social Enterprise

Following the Pre-conference forum, the 5th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise “Building a scientific  field to foster social enterprise eco-system” has officially started today with the plenary session “Social Enterprise and the third sector: Changing landscapes in an international perspective” chaired by Marthe Nyssens, founding member of the EMES European Research Network and Professor at the University of Louvain. Read More

5th CIRIEC International Research Conference

CIRIEC - Portugal and CIRIEC - International (the International Centre of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy) are organizing the 5th CIRIEC International Research Conference on Social Economy that will take place next July the 15th to 18th 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. Read More

New responses to the global crisis from the cooperative movement

PRESS RELEASETrento, March 6, 2012 Cooperatives' potential role in the reform of the dominant economic model to be discussed at a conference in Venice, 15-16 March, 2012What effects will the financial crisis have? Will Europe be able to move beyond the negative economic trends and radically transform its social and economic development model? And what contribution can cooperative enterprises and the social economy in general bring to the new geopolitical context? Read More