What is the contribution to citizens’ health by cooperatives?

23 June 2016

The kick-off meeting of the research project “Health cooperatives and mutuals worldwide – analysis of the contribution to citizens’ health by cooperatives around the world” managed by Euricse in collaboration with IHCO will be held on Friday, July 8 in Madrid, at the headquarters of Asisa (a health insurance cooperative, member of the Fundación Espriu and co-founder of IHCO). The research project examines both members and users of health cooperatives and studies the way in which health cooperatives operate in and contribute to the welfare system of their country. It aims to perform both quantitative and qualitative analysis on health cooperatives and the systems in which they operate.


Participants in the meeting will include Michela Giovannini, project coordinator and researcher at Euricse, José Pérez, Secretary of IHCO, and the Scientific Committee of the project, comprised of Carlo Borzaga, President of Euricse, Gianluca Salvatori, Secretary General of Euricse, José Carlos Guisado, President of IHCO and Executive Director of Fundación Espriu, Adriano Leite Soares, Unimed’s Manager Brazil and Bruno Roelants, Secretary General of CICOPA.
On this occasion, in addition to officially starting the project, the group will discuss the methodology and specific strategies that will be adopted during the data collection phase, essentially aimed at quantifying the number of users served globally by health cooperatives.

The study will also be presented by Gianluca Salvatori during the International Summit of Cooperatives to be held in Quebec from the 11th to the 13th of October, 2016.