WP 75 | 15 Why Social Enterprises are asking to be multi-stakeholder and deliberative: an explanation around the costs of exclusion

Data di pubblicazione: 14 Aprile 2014
Aree di ricerca: Management & Governance
Categorie pubblicazione: Working paper
Tags: multistakeholdership, imprese sociali, social enterprises, multistakeholdership

The study of multi-stakeholdership (and multi-stakeholder social enterprises in particular) is only at the start. Entrepreneurial choices which have emerged spontaneously, as well as the first legal frameworks approved in this direction, lack an adequate theoretical support. The debate itself is underdeveloped, as the existing understanding of organisations and their aims resist an inclusive, public interest view of enterprise. Our contribution aims at enriching the thin theoretical reflections on multi-stakeholdership, in a context where they are already established, i.e. that of social and personal services.