The Cooperative Health Report 2017: Assessing the worldwide contribution of cooperatives to healthcare.

Data di pubblicazione: 3 Aprile 2018
Aree di ricerca: Modelli innovativi
Categorie pubblicazione: Rapporti di ricerca
Tipo organizzazione: Impresa sociale
Tags: healthcare

The research project presented in this report uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to explore this topic. Statistical data coming from different sources were collected, aggregated and synthesized to provide an overview of the role and features of healthcare cooperatives in 15 countries. Furthermore, six case studies were conducted to allow for a more in-depth analysis of the universe of health cooperatives and their organizational models. Research findings show that the current and potential role of health cooperatives is heavily underestimated, especially by public policies, which tend to either favour shareholder for-profit entities in procurement procedures or use cooperatives in an opportunistic manner for cost-saving purposes. The research confirms the importance of improving knowledge about the real dimension and roles of health cooperatives worldwide. Better knowledge in this area is a necessary condition to assign cooperatives a proper place in healthcare systems.