What to Make of Social Innovation? Towards a Framework for Policy Development

Data di pubblicazione: 4 Gennaio 2022
Aree di ricerca: Modelli innovativi
Categorie pubblicazione: Rapporti di ricerca
Argomenti: Modelli internazionali e mapping, Innovazione

Over the past few years there has been a growing interest on the part of the scientific community (and, more recently, of policymakers) in the concept of social innovation. The notion of social innovation is particularly appealing in light of the difficulties facing traditional welfare systems and, more broadly, a development model that is finding it increasingly difficult to meet the growing and diversified needs of society. However, the uses and definitions of the concept are so disparate that it is becoming increasingly difficult to assess whether social innovation is in fact a helpful construct or just another fad that will soon be forgotten.

This article focuses in particular on the usefulness of the concept of social innovation for the purposes of policy development. Therefore, the goal is not to find the ‘true’ definition of social innovation. Rather, it is to search for a useful framework on which to build sound policies that could tackle the complex social issues that have caused scholars and practitioners to pay attention to social innovation in the first place.

The publication can be download here.

Persone coinvolte: Carlo Borzaga Riccardo Bodini