WP 71 | 14 The International Year of Cooperatives and the 2020 Vision

Data di pubblicazione: 13 Marzo 2014
Aree di ricerca: Misurazione e Impatto
Categorie pubblicazione: Working paper
Tags: cooperative

The cooperative movement underwent in 2012 a renewed impulse with the declaration of the “International Year of Cooperatives”. In this paper we present the results of the interviews conducted with international experts of the sector, who belong to national organizations following the Delphi methodology. The questionnaire gathered qualitative information from experts about the balance of this celebratory year. Moreover, it was used as a discussion tool to evaluate obstacles and the potential for accomplishment of the objectives outlined in the project “2020 Vision”. This project identifies the challenges faced by the cooperative movement as it strives to keep encouraging, strengthening, and giving visibility to cooperatives worldwide.