WP 82 | 15 Recognition and Legal Forms of Social Enterprise in Europe: A Critical Analysis from a Comparative Law Perspective

Data di pubblicazione: 18 Dicembre 2015
Aree di ricerca: Quadro giuridico
Categorie pubblicazione: Working paper
Tags: multistakeholdership, cooperative, imprese sociali, economia sociale, cooperatives, social enterprises, multistakeholdership

Social enterprise lawmaking is a growth industry. In the United States alone, over the last few years, there has been a proliferation of state laws establishing specific legal forms for social enterprises. The situation is not different in Europe, where the process began much earlier than in the United States and today at least fifteen European Union member states have specific laws for social enterprise. This article will describe the current state of the legislation on social enterprise in Europe, inquiring into its fundamental role in the development of the social economy and its particular logics as distinct from those of the for-profit capitalistic economy. It will explore the models of social enterprise regulation that seem more consistent with the economic growth inspired by the paradigms of the social economy. It will finally explain why, in regulating and shaping social enterprise, the model of the social enterprise in the cooperative form is to be preferred to that of the social enterprise in the company form.