25 May: a networking event to join the Pact for Skills

28 April 2023

25 May: a networking event for potential Pact for Skills members. The European Commission and the Pact for Skills Support Services team are hosting an online networking event on 25th May (from 10:00 to 15:30 CEST, Brussels time) reserved for organisations who are interested to learn more about the Pact. Euricse and Social Economy Europe, the co-coordinators of the Large-scale Skills Partnership within the Proximity and Social Economy ecosystem, will host a networking session in the afternoon for organisations who are interested to learn more about the work of our partnership towards upskilling and reskilling workers in the social economy.
It will be also an opportunity to engage with partners and colleagues particularly in light of the framework of the European Year of Skills, an initiative of the European Commission aimed to help address skills shortages in the EU. The Year will officially start on the 9th May with a Festival that will highlight the importance of skills by showcasing the work of local, national and European stakeholders.

To participate, please register here.