Training is key to bringing the social economy into the future. Euricse draws on its experience and partnerships to create courses that offer some of the most in-depth and up-to-date education in the sector, keeping up with a job market that demands specific theoretical and practical skills, vision and a capacity for innovation.

In addition to the courses below, we design trainings and workshops based on specific interests and needs in collaboration with our members and other partners.

Master GIS

The Master in Management of Social Enterprises is the oldest annual training course dedicated to nonprofits in Italy, promoted by Euricse and the University of Trento (Department of Economics and Management, Department of Sociology and Social Research, Faculty of Law). Through a multidisciplinary approach, based on the contribution of economic, legal and sociological disciplines, the Master GIS analyzes the innovative potential of social enterprises and prepares graduates to enter professionally into this growing sector, capable of engaging the local community and creating social cohesion, while generating development and sustainability.


SIBEC - Italian School for Commons

The innovative SIBEC, the Italian School for Commons, promoted by Euricse in collaboration with Labsus and under the patronage of the University of Trento, is focused on the shared management of Common Goods. Combining theoretical learning with operational tools and methods, SIBEC encourages the emergence and development of entrepreneurial opportunities that can make Common Goods sustainable, while promoting social inclusion and job opportunities in local communities. SIBEC courses are designed for cooperators, social entrepreneurs, freelancers, active citizen committees and associations as well as local government officials and policy makers.


Feel Coop

Feel Coop is a new high-level training course dedicated to young people under the age of 35, designed to create job opportunities by developing innovative strengthening and efficiency projects in cooperative enterprises, especially enterprises in the Trentino region.




The social economy is a rapidly growing phenomenon, and with it European and international interest in training activities focused on the themes of cooperation and social enterprise. Thanks to Euricse’s experience in the field of training, the Institute actively contributes to the ongoing debate and development of initiatives at various levels. We are involved in many European projects that enrich our training courses, both through the inclusion of innovative and up-to-date content and teaching methods, and through opportunities for comparison and exchange with international networks of enterprises and universities.

ICBEC Consortium

In order to strengthen training on cooperatives worldwide, Euricse is taking an active role in the recently re-launched International Co-operative Business Education Consortium (ICBEC) and has joined as a full member.
ICBEC serves as a global network from which actors in cooperative business education can better understand each other’s programs and mandates, collaborate where mutually beneficial, avoid overlap where possible, and ensure program relevance to the needs of cooperative and mutual enterprises globally.
We will participate in the activities of the consortium and in the working group as well as serve as the secretariat.
For more information or to join the Consortium, please contact Ilana Gotz at [email protected].