From Ecuador to Trento: training experience on social economy and cooperative credit

16 April 2024

The course “Innovation, Leadership and Governance for Cooperatives” organized by Euricse, in collaboration with Finanzas Inclusivas y Governanza (FIG) and ICORED, was attended by a delegation from Ecuador of representatives, managers and directors of cooperative credit banks.

During the two intensive weeks of training, participants attended lectures on the topics of social economy and cooperative credit values, both through online classes and during the in-person study visit in Trento.
During its visit to Trentino, one of the premier cooperative districts in the world, the delegation had the opportunity to interact with numerous lecturers as well as experts from various local credit banks and related institutions: EURICSECassa Centrale BancaAllitudeCooperazione Trentina, Cassa Rurale Alta ValsuganaBanca per il Trentino-Alto Adige.

Study visits to institutions and local entities, such as the Mezzacorona Wineries and the Co-working Hub in Valsugana (Civezzano and Tenna) further enriched the training, giving participants the opportunity to understand first-hand the dynamics and challenges of the social economy and cooperative credit in the area.

Thanks to our consolidates experience in understanding the dynamics specific to cooperative organizations and the social economy, both locally and globally, Euricse developed a tailor-made training program for participants, focusing on cooperation, the social economy and cooperative credit. This initiative not only represented a crucial opportunity for dialogue and sharing for Euricse, but also received widespread approval, prompting the planning of a new visit to Trento and the implementation of a second edition of the course, scheduled for June. This success confirms the importance of similar initiatives in promoting development and collaboration in the area of cooperative values education.