26 May 2023

On May 12th, Euricse had the privilege of hosting a delegation from SOCODEVI, a network of cooperative and mutual companies that shares its expertise and know-how with its partners in developing countries,for a day dedicated to sharing research, results, and ideas on the social economy, as well as local and European policies. The event focused on various topics including enterprising communities, social agriculture, agricultural cooperatives, and community tourism.

Throughout this dynamic day of networking, experts such as Riccardo Bodini, Gianluca Salvatori, Ilana Gotz, Jacopo Sforzi, Eddi Fontanari, and Giulia Galera delved deep into these subjects. The visit, organized in collaboration with Cooperazione Trentina, represented a significant cultural exchange between Trentino and Ukraine, with the objective of promoting the development of cooperative and sustainable agri-food supply chains.

Riccardo Bodini, the director of Euricse, provided an overview of the institute, while Jacopo Sforzi explored the concept of enterprising communities, investigating ways to connect cooperative activities with broader community development. Concrete examples of social agriculture and the accompanying research were presented.

Eddi Fontanari addressed issues related to agriculture, offering an overview of agricultural cooperatives in Trentino. Giulia Galera presented a specific case study, showcasing the success of the social enterprise workers’ cooperative Miledù, providing a tangible example of achievement in the field of social economy.

Gianluca Salvatori, the secretary general of Euricse, then shifted the focus to the social economy within the European landscape, emphasizing the role of advocacy and policy development in supporting cooperatives and the social economy. His presentation included examples of advocacy initiatives, analysis of political strategies employed, the involved actors, and the development of advocacy messaging.

This day of exchange and networking represents a significant advancement in promoting sustainable agriculture and cooperatives as fundamental pillars of community development in local communities.