Cassa Centrale Group has conducted the third survey on good practices for the environment and communities

11 March 2024

Cassa Centrale Group strengthens its commitment to environmental and social sustainability through projects that express the cooperative values that distinguish the Group while encouraging circularity and dialogue, also among affiliated Banks.

With the technical and scientific support of Euricse the Group conducted the third analysis to map the environmental and social responsibility initiatives carried out within the scope of all affiliated Banks, subsidiaries and Cassa Centrale.

This initiative represents a fundamental step in the consolidated collaboration between Euricse and Cassa Centrale, aiming to strengthen the Group’s cooperative identity through new projects and strategies in the sustainability and social responsibility area.

Good environmental practices

The analysis reveals a 17% increase in the number of charging stations (200 in total) for electric cars and bicycles compared to 2022. At the same time, the evolution of the infrastructure has driven the modernisation of the company fleet, with a gradual transition to hybrid and electric vehicles. The energy supply data show a 24% increase in the installation of solar photovoltaic systems, currently present on 123 properties and energy requalification works on another 108 properties. In 2023, the Group launched new reforestation projects, planting over 5,400 trees, with a further 7,000 plantings planned for the spring of 2024, thus actively contributing to offsetting emissions.

Good social practices

The analysis also shows that the Group’s banks are active players in over 1,300 partnerships with local authorities, schools and third sector organisations. The creation of networks and relationships gives them a central role in social cohesion through multiple training and cultural initiatives that have seen a growth of 12% in the number of participants.

Particular attention is paid to young people, with initiatives that support the development of new business initiatives, the proposal of non-banking subsidies and numerous awards for study.

The availability of premises for local entities and associations and the presence of 39 Third Sector Entities (3 more than in 2022), promoted by the affiliated banks, underscore the wide range of activities.

This set of initiatives in the cultural, artistic and recreational fields, and the involvement in social and health interventions, together with the attention to the environment, concretely confirm Cassa Centrale Group’s commitment to the well-being of communities and to the promotion of a sustainable and responsible vision for the future.