WP 09 | 10 The economic impact of cooperation in the province of Trento

Publication date: 18 March 2010
Research areas: Measurement and Impact, Misurazione e Impatto
Publication categories: Working papers
Tags: cooperatives, statistics, turnover, cooperative, fatturato, statistiche

The paper proposes an estimate of the economic role of the cooperative system in the province of Trento which takes into account not only the direct contribution to the production of income, but also the production and employment activated in businesses other than cooperative ones. In addition to evaluating the direct impact of the cooperative enterprise subsystem, the paper introduces new measures of the value created, looking at both the indirect impact and the induced impact, where the former estimates the non-cooperative production used directly in the cooperative production process, i.e. the impact due to the purchase of goods and services from non-cooperative companies, while the second estimates the non-cooperative output derived from the use, for final consumption of non-cooperative goods and services, of the direct and indirect income generated by cooperative production.