Public administration and the third sector. Boundaries and potential of new instruments of collaboration and public support

Publication date: 26 February 2020
Research areas: Legal framework
Publication categories: Books
Arguments: Legal analysis
Tags: Third sector, social services

A cura di: Silvia Pellizzari, Andrea Magliari

The issue of relations between public entities and third sector entities for the performance and organization of social services and activities of general interest has become central to scholarly debate following the enactment of the so-called Third Sector Code (Legislative Decree No. 117 of 2017). The legislature introduced new instruments of collaboration and public support for the Third Sector that are located within a broad and composite regulatory framework and require interpreters to review cornerstones of the legal framework relating to the relationship between administration and private parties in the performance of public services. Starting from the analysis of the positive datum, the contributions collected in this volume highlight the challenges and opportunities posed by the current regulatory framework, with the aim of providing new keys to interpretation and new interpretive perspectives.

People involved: Silvia Pellizzari