WP 119 | 22 Proximity and health: an introductory framework

Publication date: 5 June 2022
Publication categories: Working papers
Arguments: Welfare and services
Organizational types: Social enterprises, Social cooperatives, Third sector organizations

Starting from a reconstruction of the main limits of the current local welfare systems, the paper examines in depth the elements underlying a different model of territorial healthcare, based on the integration between social and healthcare fields and on the participation of territorial communities in the definition of policies and services. The categories of socio-health integration, proximity and home care are then explored, with particular attention to the possible role of the third sector in the construction of a community health system, in which the logic of prevention and personalization of interventions are also valorised. From this perspective, the potential of co-programming and co-planning tools are examined, which open up a possible space for coordination between public and private social actors involved in the field of health and social services.