WP 29 | 12 Cooperatives: a development strategy? An analysis of argan oil cooperatives in Southwest Morocco

Publication date: 18 March 2012
Research areas: Local development
Publication categories: Working papers
Tags: cooperatives, employment, resilience, Africa, agriculture

Cooperatives, as both a strategy and an organizational form, often enable under-privileged individuals to collectively compete in a market through joint-ownership agreements and democratic decision-making. While cooperatives are promoted as social enterprises for their labour-centric emphasis, we also know that many fail due to a variety of factors including a lack of accountability, low wages, and difficulty competing in high-end markets. This paper assesses the model employed by argan oil cooperatives in southwest Morocco. Female-based cooperatives have been supported by donor organizations and development practitioners to promote environmental conservation of argan forests, foster social equity in the patriarchal society, and improve the local economy.