In Trento the 9th edition of the Summer School of the international research network EMES

28 June 2024

From June 30 to July 4, Trento will host the Summer School of the international research network Emes, organized in collaboration with Euricse and the University of Trento within the scope of the ESIC project (Erasmus+ Blueprint). This ninth edition, the second in Trento after the 2012 edition, will focus on the main themes of social economy and social innovation and will involve. It will be a leading summer training for more than fifty PhD students and researchers and more than twenty faculty members from around the world. This year the event will honor the memory of Professor Carlo Borzaga, co-founder of the EMES network and president emeritus of Euricse, with a plenary session scheduled for Tuesday, July 2, dedicated to his contribution to the study of social enterprises.


The 9th edition of the EMES International Training School, promoted in collaboration with Euricse, the University of Trento and the Erasmus+ Blueprint project ESIC (co-financed by the European Commission), aims to develop key research skills to respond to the complex challenges ahead. This event represents an extraordinary opportunity for more than 50 young researchers and scholars to participate in advanced training and to interact with colleagues from all over the world. To ensure the participation of young researchers from non-EU countries several scholarships have been granted by the organisers thanks to funding from other sponsors.

During the four days of summer school, participants will have the opportunity to present their research projects and participate in discussion sessions with faculty staff from the University of Trento, Euricse, and other universities and international research centers, as well as representatives from Italian, European and International social economy organizations.

Interactive workshops will be organized with the aim of delving into innovative research methodologies and sharing findings of recent theoretical research spanning different research strands. The summer school will offer the opportunity to engage with partners from the Erasmus+ Blueprint project European Social Innovation Campus (ESIC), which brings together 15 partners, including Euricse, from 10 European countries to join forces in identifying and addressing skills gaps in the social economy sector.

The Summer School organized by EMES is distinguished by its interdisciplinary approach and close integration of theory and practice. In addition to lectures and workshops, the program includes study visits to local cooperatives and social enterprises, offering a deeply immersive training experience. There will also space for convivial moments, designed to nourish discussions and new project ideas.

The event will begin in the late afternoon of Sunday, June 30, with a welcome meeting.

Highlights include, at the conference room of the Faculty of Economics, the inauguration on Monday, July 1 from 8:30 a.m. with institutional speeches by Mario Diani, president of Euricse, Flavio Deflorian, rector of the University of Trento, Francesca Petrella (Emes – Aix-Marseille University), Niina Karvinen (ESIC project coordinator) and Francesca Forno (University of Trento – Emes), among others.

A plenary session dedicated to Professor Carlo Borzaga and his valuable contribution in shaping the social enterprise as a critical research theme, is scheduled for Tuesday, July 2, at 11 a.m., at the Faculty of Economics conference room. It will be coordinated by Professor Mary O’Shaughnessy of University College Cork, who will dialogue with Professor Lorenzo Sacconi of La Statale University in Milan with contributions of Professors Lars Hulgard (USN, Norway and ESIC) and Francesca Petrella (LEST-AIX-Marseille University).

On Thursday, July 4 from 11 a.m. (Faculty of Economics conference room) there will be a panel discussion moderated by Gianluca Salvatori, general secretary of Euricse, aimed at analysing the challenges of transdisciplinary research: speakers will include Sara Capuzzo (ènostra), Samuel Cornella (Coonfcooperative/Trentino Federation of Cooperatives), Giulia Galera (Euricse), Kai Roland Green (Aarhus University, Denmark), Piera Lepore (Idee in Rete), and Manuela Paulmichl (Cooperative Office, Autonomous Province of Bolzano).

A ceremony to award certificates of participation will follow.


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