Euricse and C-Bird for social enterprises in Serbia

6 October 2016

“Could networking be a way to empower social enterprises in Serbia?” was the title of a full day training dedicated to social enterprises that was held in Belgrade on October 7th. The event is organised as a part of Aleksandra Bobic’s secondment in the “Zip Centar za mlade biznis inkubator DOO” Pirot – Serbia within the C-BIRD project and is supported by all the main actors involved in the promotion of social enterprises in Serbia participating in the Coalition for the development of social enterprises.

Earlier on the same day, the Guide for social enterprises in Serbia will be presented in the presence of Serbian minister Slavica Djukic Dejanovic who has social enterprises within her portfolio. Aleksandra Bobic, on behalf of Euricse contributed to the Guide, which is published by the European Movement in Serbia, in collaboration with Kako osnovati SPHeinrich Böll Foundation’s Office in Belgrade