Ermanno Tortia

Euricse - Trento visiting delegazione Romania prof. Ermanno TortiaErmanno Tortia is associate professor at the University of Trento. His research focuses on the theory of the firm, business economics, labor economics, human resource management and organizational behavior; as applied to third sector research and the organizational forms populating the social economy (cooperative and social enterprises, non-profit organizations). He has authored and co-authored: (i) empirical studies dealing with happiness economics, on-the-job satisfaction, organizational justice, worker motivations, and studying the relationships between complex sets of organizational practices; (ii) studies in the institutionalist theory of social economy organizations. He has been research fellow at the University of Stirling (UK), School of Applied Social Sciences. He collaborates closely with EuRICSE (European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises, Trento, Italy); is member of the scientific committee of JEOD, Journal of Entrepreneurial and Organizational Diversity, and member of the teaching committee of the Ph.D. Program in Development Economics and Local Systems (DELoS) at the School of Social Science, Trento University.

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