WP 23|12 Cooperative identity and the law

This paper deals with the legal identity of cooperatives. It is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the role and function of law and of comparative legal research on the topic of cooperative identity (sec. 2). The second part focuses on cooperative identity within the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Principles and the ICA Statement on the Cooperative Identity at large (sec. 3). Read More

WP 02|09 Italian Co-operative Law Reform and Co-operative Principles

This paper presents the principal characteristics of the new Italian co-operative law and seeks to evaluate the relationship of some of its main provisions to traditional co-operative principles. Using the Italian reforms as a starting point for debate, this paper puts forth the possibility of generalising a modified approach to co-operative regulation and principles, taking into account efficiency issues, while preserving the co-operative identity. Read More

Autonomia statutaria e recesso del socio nelle società cooperative

Il recesso nelle società cooperative costituisce un tema di straordinaria attualità per ragioni ben comprensibili, poiché esso rappresenta terreno di confronto tra esigenza di stabilità e sviluppo dell’impresa cooperativa e interesse dei soci alla riacquisizione della libertà contrattuale e al disinvestimento del capitale. Read More

Final Study on the implementation of the Regulation 1435/2003 on the Statute for European Cooperative Society (SCE) Part II

The second part of this final study contains, ordered by country,national reports by the national experts involved in this research; each national report is written in accordance with the guidelines provided by the scientific committee to guarantee the uniformity of contributions and the presence therein of relevant information on both SCE regulation implementation and national cooperative legislation. Read More