Single Market Act: A Response from the European Scientific Community

Research areas: Public policy
Publication categories: Documents
Tags: social enterprises, social economy, Europe

Normative and policy documents related to the cooperative and social enterprises’ sector.

This document was drafted by the authors of the open letter to the European Commission titled “From Words to Action: Supporting Cooperative and Social Enterprises to Achieve a More Inclusive, Sustainable and Prosperous Europe.” The letter, signed by over 400 European academics, was officially presented to European Commissioners Michel Barnier and Antonio Tajani on October 13, 2010. On that occasion, Commissioner Barnier asked the authors to comment on the soon to be released Single Market Act, particularly on the issues concerning social economy organizations. The response, presented below, is the result of an inclusive process that gathered input from all the signers of the open letter, and is thus truly representative of the views of a significant part of the European scientific community.

The document is available in English