The contribution of Euricse to the Government’s consultation on the third sector reform

Research areas: Public policy
Publication categories: Documents
Tags: social economy

Normative and policy documents related to the cooperative and social enterprises’ sector.

In the light of the experience it has gained over the years, Euricse positively evaluates the new Government’s guidelines on the third sector reform. The proposal offers a comprehensive approach to the sector that had been lacking so far. The definition of common identity elements represents a fundamental prerequisite to recognize and regulate the internal elements of differentiation, contributing in such a way to unleash a development potential which is linked to appraising a number of components. From this point of view the main segmentation element that might represent the guiding light of the reform is not that of legal reforms, but of the functions carried out by the stakeholders of the thir sector. Advocacy and rights protection, production of goods and services of common interest, supply and redistributionof resources represent three different functions that can be related to specific legal forms or to specific sectors, but that carry peculiarities also with regard to the organizational and governance forms and to the connnections with other institutions, in particulat public institutions.

The document is available in Italian