Service design for welfare services

Project status: concluded Description Social cooperatives, and more generally all organizations (profit and nonprofit) that produce welfare services, operate in a context that is both critical and full of opportunities. On the one hand, the crisis of their traditional business model is increasingly evident, on the other hand… Read More

ECOOPE – Entrepreneurial Cooperative Experience

Project status: on going Description The project ECOOPE – Entrepreneurial Cooperative Experience – co-funded by the European Commission, launched in April 2017, aims to improve the employability of young people in Europe by providing them with relevant entrepreneurship knowledge and skills to promote the set-up of cooperatives. The… Read More

Social Impact Assessment for Third Sector Organizations

Project status: on-going Description The recent Reform of the Third Sector (Law 106/2016) introduces “Transparency and Information Obligations to Third Parties” for third sector organizations (art.3) and requires them to carry out Social Impact Assessment Processes, defined as a “Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the effects of their… Read More

Empublic – Enhancing self-employment and entrepreneurship of disadvantaged people

Project Status: on-going Description The Erasmus Plus project “Empublic – Enhancing self-employment and entrepreneurship of disadvantaged people through better relationships between the public and private sectors”, launched in September 2016, aims at increasing opportunities for education, business ownership and employment for disadvantaged individuals in the context… Read More

Community Cooperative and Social Enterprises

Project status: on-going Description Research about social and community enterprises is linked to the broader theme of the co-production of public services or public utilities and the participatory management of community goods. This theme has recently taken on new relevance with the increasing tendency to delegate the direct… Read More

Mapping Study on social enterprise eco-systems (follow-up)

Project status: on-going Description During 2013 and 2014 the ICF GHK Consulting conducted a study on behalf of the European Commission aimed at mapping social enterprises in 29 European countries. Euricse was in charge of coordinating a Quality Check Team who provided methodological support to ICF GHK and… Read More

A map of social enterprises and their eco-system in Europe

The ICF GHK Consulting was appointed by the European Commission to map social enterprises in the 28 Member States and in Switzerland. The study follows up on the Social Business Initiative launched by the commission in 2011. It is based on existing academic materials and interviews with over 350 stakeholders across Europe. Read More