The potential of the social economy for local development in Africa: An exploratory report

The social economy and its capacity to provide a positive response to both economic and social issues are attracting increasing interest from politicians and scholars. After Euricse’s guide to the social economy was published by the European Commission, the European Parliament commissioned it to produce a study on the role of the social economy in triggering sustainable local development processes in Africa. Read More

Learning Community , Introduction to the cost-benefit analysis model

Con.Solida, the consortium of social cooperatives in Trentino, entrusted Euricse with running a training activity called “LEARNING COMMUNITY – Introduction to the cost-benefit analysis model”, derived from models developed within the research project “Analysing the social impact, work quality and welfare systems of cooperative and social enterprises”. Read More

Economic and social impact assessment for work integration social enterprises

The topic of social impact evaluation is of great interest and a priority to both researchers and cooperatives. Nevertheless, some of the methodologies tested in the past can prove to be full of gaps or risky, while new models are not yet sufficiently promoted nor tested. Prompted by a number of social cooperatives and their consortia, for some years Euricse has been reflecting on the theme of social impact evaluation. Read More

Research in Social Enterprise, its social impact and its financial needs

In order to fully harness the contribution of social enterprises (SEs) to societal wellbeing, inclusion and smart economic growth, their rationale and roles need to be better understood and subsequently translated into effective policies that are able to exploit their competitive advantages vis-à-vis public and for-profit enterprises. Read More

Quantifying cooperatives and social enterprises in Italy

The persisting economic crisis highlights the fact that in order to identify strategies for putting Italy back on the path of economic and occupational growth, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the potential contribution rendered from each sector, and in particular from various forms of enterprise. Read More

Database of legislation concerning cooperatives and social enterprises

This database began to be put together thanks to the participation of Euricse, in its role as leader of a consortium which was awarded a research contract with the European Commission to produce a study on the implementation of the European Cooperative Society (SCE) Regulation in the 30 countries where it was put into effect (27 EU member countries and 3 EEA countries). Read More

Database of cooperatives in Europe and worldwide

In collaboration with the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Euricse is working to collect and integrate information about the economic and financial situation, employment and membership base of cooperatives operating in different countries around the world, starting with the largest. Read More

Database of cooperatives in Italy

Since 2010, Euricse has been working intensely on the gathering and organization of statistical information about Italian cooperative enterprises, with the aim of building an integrated database which will be regularly updated with information (including financial and economic data and employment figures) about Italian cooperatives and social enterprises formed in accordance with Italian Law 155/2006. Read More