Unlocking the potential of the social economy for EU growth

  On November 17th-18th, Italy launches a participatory and policy-oriented conference on Social Economy. With the aim of contributing to the definition of the European agenda in the Social...
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The World Cooperative Monitor

The World Cooperative Monitor Report 2014 is now available.   World Co-operative Monitor 2014(pdf) Executive Summary 2014    The World Co-operative Monitor is a project designed...
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International Handbook of Cooperative Law

The International Handbook of Cooperative Law has just been published. The book represents a fundamental instrument for training and research, especially comparative, in the area of cooperative law....
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VI Workshop on Cooperative Finance | Call for papers

18-19 June 2015, Trento, Italy Euricse (European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises) announces the organization of the Sixth Euricse international Workshop on Cooperative...
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Millán Díaz-Foncea, assistant professor at University of Zaragoza Millán Díaz-Foncea is a visiting researcher at Euricse during the month of January 2015. Mill......read all
 CIRIEC - Portugal and CIRIEC - International (the International Centre of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy) are organizing the 5th CIRIEC International Rese......read all
27-30 May 2015, Paris Crisis highlighted that innovation, creativity, production process, governance and financing are essential elements of the productive organization to face problems and grow up.......read all



WP 74 | 14 Social Enterprise in Ireland: The Camara Educatio...

The concept “social enterprise”, despite being widespread, is still of difficu ...read all

WP 73 |14 De la Economía Popular a la Economía Social y Soli...

 Las organizaciones de recicladores de base han sido analizadas en varios contextos c ...read all

WP 72 | 14 Groups and Trust: Experimental Evidence on the Ol...

  Mancur Olson and Robert Putnam provide two conflicting views on the effect of invol ...read all

WP 71 | 14 The International Year of Cooperatives and the 20...

  The cooperative movement underwent in 2012 a renewed impulse with the declarat ...read all


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